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PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in.

"PDF2ID and ID2Office help save our Creative Cloud customers countless hours and allows them to focus on what really matters, their creative work. They help automate workflows and enable collaboration by making conversions between PDF, InDesign and Office seamless"

Mike Zahorik, Senior Business Development Manager, InDesign & Illustrator, Adobe

What’s New

What’s New in PDF2ID Standard/Professional 2021

  • InDesign 2021 support

    Support has been added for InDesign 2021 (InDesign CC to InDesign 2020 are supported as well).

  • Printer Marks

    Printer marks are now recovered, and the appropriate InDesign document properties are applied.

  • PDF Accessibility tags

    PDF accessibility tags are processed, and the corresponding tags are set in the ensuing InDesign document (PDF2ID Professional only). Furthermore, paragraph style-sheets specific to accessibility tags are created.

  • Rotated table text cells

    Rotated table text cells are identified, and InDesign tables are created with rotated text in table cells.

  • Hidden PDF layers and Objects

    PDF layers that are hidden are now ignored during the conversion and hidden objects/text are also removed.

  • Image Mask and Pattern support

    Image masks are recognized and applied to the resulting images and PDF patterns are converted to high-resolution images.

  • Rotated PDF page recognition and conversion improvements

    Rotated PDF pages are accurately recognized, resulting in dramatically improved conversions along with the ability to identify rotated tables in such pages.

  • General conversion and stability improvements

    General conversion and stability improvements have been made throughout the PDF and InDesign conversion core.

What’s new in PDF2ID Standard and Professional v3.5

  • Integration with InDesign CS6

    PDF2ID has been enhanced to operate and function with InDesign CS6. InDesign CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 are supported as well.

  • XPS File Conversion

    PDF2ID now recognizes and processes Windows XPS files. XPS files are now converted to fully formatted and editable InDesign files.

  • Hybrid 32/64-bit PDF/XPS v6.0 engine

    PDF2ID v3.5 now uses a hybrid 32/64-bit PDF/XPS v6.0 engine. The conversion core is 64-bit savvy and ready.

  • Enhanced Image conversion support

    The image conversion options have been enhanced so that Lab/Grayscale/Indexed Color images without color profiles can now be converted to a specific format independently of RGB/CMYK images.

  • Layout Reconstruction Core Enhancement

    The layout reconstruction core has been thoroughly enhanced dramatically improving the fidelity of the conversion. In particular Table formation, Complex Vector Graphics to image conversion, Paragraph Formation, Frames reduction, Graphics processing and many other areas have been completely enhanced.

  • Enhanced Character and Paragraph Style generation

    The Character and Paragraph style generation mechanism has been enhanced effectively reducing the number of Paragraph and Character styles being created by about 20%.