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PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in.

"PDF2ID and ID2Office help save our Creative Cloud customers countless hours and allows them to focus on what really matters, their creative work. They help automate workflows and enable collaboration by making conversions between PDF, InDesign and Office seamless"

Mike Zahorik, Senior Business Development Manager, InDesign & Illustrator, Adobe

What’s New

What’s New in PDF2ID Standard/Professional 2024

  • Adobe InDesign 2024 support

    PDF2ID 2024 integrates with Adobe InDesign 2024 (InDesign CC 2019 through InDesign 2023 are supported as well).

  • Support for latest macOS and Windows

    PDF2ID 2024 supports the OS scope related changes introduced into macOS 14 and Windows 10/11.

  • Deprecation of InDesign CC 2017/2018 support

    Support for InDesign CC 2017/2018 has been removed further simplifying deployments and reducing the size of the installer.

  • PNG Filter support

    Pre-compression filter when converting to the PNG image type can now be specified.

  • Baseline Options

    Text Frame – Baseline options can now be specified. Leading or Ascent can be specified via PDF2ID – Preferences.

  • PDF conversion improvements

    Table cell merging, vector graphics, hidden data removal, conversion related enhancements and other stability related improvements have been made.

What’s New in PDF2ID Standard/Professional 2023

  • InDesign 2023 support

    PDF2ID 2023 integrates with Adobe InDesign 2023 (InDesign CC 2017 through InDesign 2022 are supported as well).

  • Streamlined InDesign file creation

    Enhanced Graphics grouping controls, repeated image detection and reduction, and converting Softmask to a Drop Shadow property were introduced creating an even more efficient InDesign file.

  • Deprecation of InDesign CC 2015 support

    Support for InDesign CC 2015 (v11.x) has been removed simplifying deployments.

  • Stability improvements

    Minor stability changes have been made delivering a much more efficient PDF-to-InDesign conversion.

What was new in PDF2ID Standard/Professional 2022

  • InDesign 2022 support

    Support has been added for InDesign 2022 (InDesign CC 2015 to InDesign 2021 releases are supported as well).

  • Apple Silicon native

    PDF2ID 2022 operates natively on Apple Silicon machines and supports Rosetta mode (if required).

  • macOS Concurrent Processing

    The entire Parallel Processing mechanism for the Mac now use macOS native Concurrent Processing technology resulting in about a 50% speed up when processing documents with more than 50 pages (applies to PDF2ID Professional for macOS only).

  • Enhanced Conversion Speed

    The conversion speed has been improved by about 20% in general (applies to PDF2ID Standard/Professional).

  • Contact Sheet Page property

    Contact sheet page property has been added, which allows specifying a particular page range as a contact sheet type; the number of sheets per row and number of columns can be specified. Contact sheet pages are also scaled up automatically to the media size.

  • Migration to newer Windows technology set

    The Windows version of PDF2ID now uses newer Windows infrastructure.

  • Deprecation of older InDesign

    Support for InDesign CC (v9.x)/CC 2014 (v10.x) have been removed.

  • General conversion and stability improvements

    Numerous conversion and stability improvements have been made throughout the PDF to InDesign conversion processing core.

  • Diagnostics logging

    A diagnostics logging mode has been introduced which captures operation flow enabling issues to be pinpointed quickly.