About Recosoft

Recosoft was established in 1991 to deliver Software and Information Technology solutions for the global marketplace.

We have grown over the years, on the dint of strategic partnerships and alliances giving us a base of 2,000 IT professionals, who enable us to provide on-time global Software and Information Technology solutions.

The executives of Recosoft are all engineering graduates and have lived in Japan, India and the United States making them completely multicultural and multi-lingual. Additionally, each of the executives have worked in both the software and hardware industry and the financial services sector giving them a broad perspective about the services and solutions required in the global markets.

Recosoft is uniquely positioned to leverage the vast opportunities that the Internet and the World Wide Web offers in Japan and elsewhere. Recosoft has already successfully implemented solutions which incorporate Java, HTML, C, C++, JavaScript and MFC.

Recosoft’s in-house talent pool possesses superior skills in the development of WYSIWIG GUI software. We have on our team skilled software engineers in the fields of Image Processing, Computer Animation, Page Layout, Japanese language solutions, Document Format Conversions and the Internet.

We have successfully implemented and delivered custom business software solutions in the areas of database management and financial services systems.