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DecksMoveIn 2023

A new plug-in for Adobe InDesign imports and converts Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files into Adobe InDesign files (.indd) directly.

DecksMoveIn - PowerPoint to InDesign plug-in

“DecksMoveIn was created to facilitate the direct migration of PowerPoint documents to InDesign files improving the workflow of Creative Professionals by eliminating the error-prone Copy and Paste operation”

Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation

DecksMoveIn – PowerPoint (.pptx) to InDesign

DecksMoveIn imports and converts PowerPoint files directly to the InDesign type.

DecksMoveIn is a one-click solution in migrating PowerPoint presentations to InDesign. PowerPoint created from FIGMA, Google Slides, Canva, and Apple Keynote can be converted to the InDesign type also.

DecksMoveIn is only available as part of PDF2ID Professional Suite and not available separately.

DecksMoveIn is a new plug-in for Adobe InDesign to import and convert PowerPoint (.pptx) files to InDesign (.indd) with 1-simple click.

A. Click the Recosoft menu and select the DecksMoveIn – Convert PowerPoint file command then choose a PowerPoint file to import.
B. Click Ok in the Font tips window then click OK again when the DecksMoveIn – Options window appears and that’s it!

You now have a fully editable InDesign file from the PowerPoint.

DecksMoveIn for Adobe InDesign opens, imports, and converts PowerPoint (.pptx) files directly to the InDesign format.DecksMoveIn converts every slide in a PowerPoint file to a corresponding page in the resulting InDesign document; converting text, images, and graphics to the appropriate InDesign data type along with the layout and respective properties.

DecksMoveIn also converts PowerPoint slide masters to InDesign Parent (master) pages; additionally, properties such as Character and Paragraph styles are auto generated creating a structured InDesign file.

How to import and convert PowerPoint to InDesign

  •  Import of .pptx files to .indd type can be done with DecksMoveIn plugin for InDesign1. To import and convert a PowerPoint file to InDesign type, click the Recosoft menu in InDesign and choose the DecksMoveIn – Convert PowerPoint file command
  • Choose-any-Powerpoint-file-and-convert-it-instantly-to-indesign2. Choose the PowerPoint file to convert and click Ok
  • All information from a PowerPoint slide has been imported to an InDesign file.3. The PowerPoint file has been accurately converted to InDesign type.

Note: Layout reconstruction varies depending on document and may not be 100% accurate. DecksMoveIn does not support builds, transitions, animations in PowerPoint files. Moreover, DecksMoveIn doesn’t process PowerPoint specific and only objects such as callouts, artworks, graphics, pencils, transformation, reviews, notes, 3D transformations, and other properties . DecksMoveIn is a registered trademark or trademark of Recosoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Adobe and InDesign are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and other countries.