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Illustrator to PowerPoint and Keynote plug-in

“After twenty years of making graphics for corporate/commercial clients, IR2Office from Recosoft is the best tool I've seen for getting Illustrator art into Keynote or PowerPoint. I use it daily, and it continues to save me time and frustration. Anyone building presentations should have this tool”

Mark Heaps, LifebyPixels

IR2Office is an Adobe® Illustrator to Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote conversion solution.

IR2Office converts and exports your Illustrator graphics and data to PowerPoint and Keynote so all the vector graphics, text and other elements are live and fully editable.

Ever since 2018, IR2Office has successfully exported over a million Illustrator artboards to PowerPoint and Keynote type.

IR2Office allows you to design slide decks and other graphics in Illustrator while allowing you to share the contents with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote users.

Supports Adobe Illustrator 2021/2022/2023/2024

1-Click to Convert Illustrator graphics to PowerPoint – IR2Office
Watch how IR2Office for Adobe Illustrator allows anyone to convert (or export) Illustrator (.ai) files and the artboards to Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) and Apple Keynote (key) formats. This simple yet amazing tool, converts every artboard in the Illustrator file to a corresponding slide in the resulting PowerPoint and Keynote format. All vector graphics and text are live and editable in Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote from a Illustrator file.

IR2Office converts the text, associated fonts, vector graphics and images and other Illustrator object and document properties to the corresponding Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote data and property format; converting every art-board to an equivalent slide in the final PowerPoint or Keynote document type.During the export process, IR2Office inspects the layout and structural details of the Illustrator document replicating the layout of the Illustrator document to the PowerPoint or Keynote file type.

How to Convert Illustrator to PowerPoint or Apple Keynote

  1. To Convert an Illustrator file to PowerPoint or Apple Keynote > Choose the IR2Office – Export to PowerPoint or IR2Office – Export to Keynote command from the Recosoft sub-menu in Illustrator
    IR2Office - 1-click AI to PowerPoint
  2. Specify the location to save the converted file > Click OK > An IR2Office – Options window appears, > Click on either of the options to convert the Illustrator (.ai) file (artboards) to the target PowerPoint (.ppt) or Keynote (.key) type.
    IR2Office - convert Illustrator to PowerPoint
  3. The Illustrator file containing all the graphics and artboards are converted to PowerPoint or Keynote with all text, vectors and graphics live and editable.
    IR2Office - Edit Adobe Illustrator graphics in Keynote and PowerPoint

Note: Certain Illustrator properties which can’t be mapped to PowerPoint/Keynote formats are not converted. Though the layout is maintained as accurately as possible certain properties such as text wrap around object and other layout elements at times are not maintained due to the inherent difference between Illustrator and Keynote/PowerPoint.

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