Plug-ins and Workflow automation tools for Adobe Creative Cloud

    • PDF to InDesign, PowerPoint to InDesign and PDF graphics assets extraction.
    • PDF to InDesign Conversion tool.
    • XPS to InDesign Conversion tool.
    • Covert PDF to editable InDesign file! Covert XPS to editable InDesign file!
    • ID2Office is an Adobe® InDesign to Word, PowerPoint & Keynote conversion tool.
    • Export InDesign to Word, PPT and Keynote.
    • Import PowerPoint directly into Adobe InDesign with a plug-in.
    • Import and Convert Microsoft PowerPoint and Presentation files to InDesign type with a simple click.
    • IR2Office is an Adobe Illustrator to Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote conversion plug-in.
    • Export Illustrator files and artboards to native PowerPoint and Keynote format.
    • Extract image and graphics assets from PDF files.
    • Recover artworks, images, diagrams archived in PDF files that can be used in any application.

PDF Converters for macOS and Windows

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