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Convert PDF to InDesign CS6, Convert PDF to InDesign CC

PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in.

“PDF2ID has been the go-to plug-in that has allowed many our customers convert thousands of PDFs to editable Adobe InDesign files ever since 2007.”

P. Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation

Features Summary

  • Open, Convert and Edit PDF and Windows XPS documents directly in Adobe InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018/CC 2019

    PDF2ID is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that allows you to directly open, convert and edit PDF and XPS documents with in Adobe InDesign CS4 ~ CS6 and InDesign CC and supports both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

  • Specify Conversion Options

    PDF2ID provides detailed conversion controls such as converting the entire PDF or XPS file; extracting only text; recovering and extracting only images; and any annotations contained in a PDF or XPS document allowing fine-tuning the conversion process.

  • Familiar Interface

    PDF2ID uses the standard Adobe InDesign interface for opening a PDF or XPS document- there is no need to learn anything new.

  • Quick

    PDF2ID converts a PDF or XPS file to Adobe InDesign format within seconds.

  • Password Protected PDF documents

    Convert password-protected PDF documents1.

  • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support

    Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Russian and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.