Illustrator to Keynote Powerpoint Convert

Illustrator to PowerPoint and Keynote plug-in

“After twenty years of making graphics for corporate/commercial clients, IR2Office from Recosoft is the best tool I've seen for getting Illustrator art into Keynote or PowerPoint. I use it daily, and it continues to save me time and frustration. Anyone building presentations should have this tool”

Mark Heaps, LifebyPixels

Features Summary

  • Supports Adobe Illustrator CC

    IR2Office is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator enabling you to directly convert Illustrator 2021 or higher documents to the Apple Keynote and PowerPoint formats with a single click.

  • Save to Office formats

    IR2Office converts the Illustrator file to the Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote type.

  • Accurate Conversion

    IR2Office maintains the layout of the document when converted to the PowerPoint or Keynote type. Text, Vector Graphics, Images, Gradients and other object property information are converted appropriately.

  • Simple interface

    Simply open up the Illustrator file to export to PowerPoint or Keynote type and choose the Export to Keynote or Export to PowerPoint command.

  • Exports all artboards

    IR2Office converts all ArtBoards in the Illustrator file to a corresponding slide in the resulting PowerPoint or Keynote file type.

  • Multi-language support

    IR2Office supports, English, Western European, Russian, Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese Text.

  • Quick

    IR2Office converts the Illustrator file to the target format within seconds.