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PDF2ID 2022

PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in.

"PDF2ID and ID2Office help save our Creative Cloud customers countless hours and allows them to focus on what really matters, their creative work. They help automate workflows and enable collaboration by making conversions between PDF, InDesign and Office seamless"

Mike Zahorik, Senior Business Development Manager, InDesign & Illustrator, Adobe

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PDF2ID StandardPDF2ID Professional
PriceUS$99.99US$199v3.5 – US$249
PDF2ID 2022 – US$299
Supports InDesign CS4-CS6 in 1 installer (PDF2ID v3.5)noYesYes
Supports InDesign CC-2022 (PDF2ID 2022)YesYesYes
Batch convert PDF and XPS filesnoYes
up to 5 files at a time
up to 20 files at a time (PDF2ID 2022 only)
Convert PDF files to editable InDesign filesYesYesYes
Convert Windows XPS files to editable InDesign filesnoYesYes
Recovers interactive form fields such as buttons, lists, signatures and text fieldsnonoYes
(PDF2ID 2022 only)
Recover PDF Accessibility TagsnonoYes
(PDF2ID 2022 only)
Converts variable page PDF or XPS files to variable page InDesign filesYes (PDF only)YesYes
Converts URLs, Bookmarks, PDF Transitions to InDesign equivalentsnoYesYes
Converts gradients accurately to InDesign gradientsYesYesYes
Converts Complex vector graphics to high resolution imagenoYesYes
Converts Complex vector graphics to externally linked vector graphics filesnonoYes
(PDF2ID 2022 only)
Converts clipping paths and transparency to InDesign clipping paths and transparency.YesYesYes
Forms words, lines, paragraphs and reduces Text framesYesYesYes
Recognizes and creates InDesign tables from PDF or XPS filesYes (PDF only)YesYes
Automatically creates separate layers for Text, Tables and GraphicsnoYesYes
Converts images in PDF and XPS Files to TIFF or JPEG or PNG imagesYes (PDF only)YesYes
Up-samples low resolution images to high-resolution imagesYesYesYes
Links text frames in a page.noYesYes
Links text frames across pagesnoYesYes
Recognizes Object wrapping, Text on a Path, Skewed Text, Rotated text, Angled text, Drop Caps, Superscript, Subscript and Drop Shadows, Paragraph Rules * and applies equivalent InDesign propertiesYesYesYes
Convert and Recover PDF or XPS file AnnotationsnoYesYes
Re-merges fragmented images into a single imageYesYesYes
Performs Postscript font matching and allows specifying substitute fontsYesYesYes
Typeface Library database that remembers all font substitutions madenoYesYes
Allows Dual machine Desktop/Laptop installation **YesYesYes
Conversion Presets to tailor your workflownoYesYes
Associates ICC profiles with imagesYes
(only for RGB images)
(only for RGB images)
InDesign is always protected as PDF2ID uses an external “PDF2ID Desktop Server” to convert the file to InDesign type.YesYesYes
Convert colors to RGB spaceYesYesYes
Convert colors to CMYK spacenonoYes
Convert colors to Lab spacenonoYes
Preserve PDF object colors in native spaceno
(All colors are mapped to RGB)
(All colors are mapped to RGB)
Convert images stored in PDF files to TIFF-CMYK imagesnonoYes
Parallel Processing functionality to speed up PDF Conversions by 200-1500% on modern multi-processor/multi-core systemsnonoYes
Includes Mac/Windows Platform ProtectionnonoYes

* In PDF2ID 2022 only
** Refer to the included License Agreement for details