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PDF2Office 2017 is a PDF file conversion tool for Microsoft® Excel, Word and PowerPoint®.

Convert PDF to Excel (xls), Convert PDF to PowerPoint (ppt) and Convert PDF to Word (doc).

Convert PDF to Microsoft® Excel, Word and PowerPoint® type

How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Office – Word, Excel & PPT on Mac using PDF2Office 2017
Watch PDF2Office 2017 convert PDF files to fully editable Word, PowerPoint and Excel file types! PDF2Office 2017 works with the latest macOS. Add the PDF files to convert, specify the conversion type and choose Convert All. The PDF files are converted are fully editable in Microsoft Office formats other types.

PDF2Office 2017 converts PDF files into fully editable Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint formats recreating the intended construction and layout of the document.

PDF2Office 2017 forms paragraphs, applies styles, regroups independent graphics elements, extracts images; creates tables; processes headers/footers, endnotes/footnotes and columns/sections automatically – without any intervention.

PDF2Office 2017 also provides options for converting or extracting data from a range of pages in a PDF document. You can extract text or images, or convert the entire document to the Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

PDF2Office 2017 enables you to recover the data stored in PDF documents – making them available for use by anyone. Since PDF2Office 2017 supports Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, it is not necessary to acquire and install additional PDF editing software and tools resulting in huge cost savings in both time and expense.

How to Convert PDF to Word, Excel or PowerPoint on Mac

  1. To Convert a PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Text files drag and drop the PDF files to convert to the PDF2Office 2017 window
    Converting PDF to Word on Mac
  2. Once the PDF file has been added, set the Conversion file type to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Text
    Converting PDF to Word on Mac
  3. You can select multiple PDF files and Batch convert them at once
    How to convert PDF to Word on Mac
  4. The PDF file is converted immediately and opened in Excel, Word or PowerPoint ready to be edited

    Convert PDF to PowerPoint using PDF2Office on Mac

Note: Layout reconstruction varies depending on document and may not be 100% accurate. PDF2Office does not perform Optical Character Recognition An image in a PDF file is treated as an image. Furthermore, certain types of PDF data are not supported including (but not limited to) transparencies, clipping paths, tilings/shadings, certain graphics operations, graphics filtering, certain text operations and PKCS/AES encrypted documents.