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At Recosoft Corporation, we have more than a decade’s experience on the Macintosh platform. With over 1500 man months of experience behind us, we have developed absolute expertise in developing Macintosh software from concept to completion. We have created and delivered many diverse software products and services.

At Recosoft we are masters at implementing Mac OS X solutions. We have produced several Mac OS X native solutions already. Our engineering team can assist you in migrating your code to Mac OS X while retaining compatibility with the Classic Mac OS. Furthermore, they can create entirely new Mac OS X specific solutions. Whatever the purpose, we utilize proven and infallible methods for delivering Mac OS X solutions.

Our expertise in Mac OS includes:

  • Mac OS X migration [See below for details].
  • Macintosh Toolbox APIÍs (Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X).
  • QuickTime (Movie Toolbox, Image Compression Manager, Graphics Importer / Exporter etc.).
  • Japanese Language Processing and Text Processing (TSM, 2 byte management, TEC etc.).
  • Graphical User Interface Design & Development.
  • AppleScript.
  • Carbon Technologies and AQUA and Appearance Implementation.
  • Installer Solutions.
  • Software Quality Assurance.
  • Document File Format Conversions.
  • Multimedia Effects, Image Manipulation, Editing and Processing.
  • TWAIN, Plug In solutions.
  • Windows to Macintosh Application Porting.

We possess strong backgrounds in these sets : MPW, MacsBug, MetroWerks CodeWarrior, PowerPlant, Project Builder, GDB, GCC, CVS, 68K, PowerPC.

We have at our disposal a full fledged hardware compatibility lab allowing us to qualify software and solutions, from the 68K Macintosh series all the way up to the latest G4 machines. From Mac OS 7 through Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Migration

Migrating existing code base, creating new solutions or even designing new software for Mac OS X requires a profound understanding of the system. Applying the Classic Mac OS implementation strategy simply isnÍt viable. Mac OS X requires a new approach and thought pattern. The richness of the operating system necessitates comprehending the capabilities and potentials from a different perspective.