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Hello and thank you for viewing this step-by-step guide. Today we are going to show how easy it is to edit PDF or PowerPoint files in Adobe InDesign with a click.

Here we have InDesign 2023 running and we want to edit a PDF or PowerPoint file using it. The solution is quite simple.

If you click the Recosoft menu in InDesign, you notice there are 2 commands.

1. So, to edit a PowerPoint file in InDesign, choose DecksMoveIn command.

2. To edit a PDF in InDesign you use the PDF2ID command.

Let’s see both commands in action now.

  1. Select DecksMoveIn – Convert PowerPoint file and choose a PowerPoint file to import
  2. The DecksMoveIn – Options window appears, click OK and the PowerPoint file is now editable as a native InDesign document.

Next, let’s edit a PDF in InDesign.

  1. Click PDF2ID – Convert PDF/XPS file command and choose the PDF to import
  2. Once the PDF2ID – Options window appears, click OK and the PDF file is editable in InDesign.

DecksMoveIn and PDF2ID are both plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and every Creative Professional that uses the Adobe Creative Cloud platform should have these handy so that you can automate things while being able to focus on your Creative task at hand.

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