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PDF2ID 2022 – From PDF to InDesign 2022 using 1 simple trick

Welcome everyone.

We are really excited today! We’re showing off PDF2ID 2022 for InDesign, 2022 release.

So, all of you know that converting a PDF into InDesign is a really difficult task; and we have to go through this process at some point in time.

There are several methods available such as

1. Copying data from a PDF then pasting it into InDesign
2. Exporting data from Acrobat

But none of the above really work.

On the other hand, using a plug-in like PDF2ID (PDF-to-InDesign) everything just works.

So many Creative Professionals, Graphic Designers, Print Professionals and just about everyone else uses PDF2ID, to convert PDF to InDesign; so, that they can then continue editing the document in InDesign natively. This allows everyone to focus on what important at hand which is being Creative.

With PDF2ID 2022 what’s cool is it’s Apple Silicon native and delivers the fastest and most accurate PDF to InDesign conversion ever.

So here we have Adobe InDesign 2022 with PDF2ID 2022 installed on an Apple Silicon machine.

A. We simply invoke the Convert PDF/XPS file command from the Recosoft menu > then choose the PDF file to Convert
B. Click OK when the Font tips appears > then click OK when the PDF2ID – Options window appears.

A progress window shows up and the conversion starts and finishes in an instant!

If you look at the resulting InDesign file, everything is almost exact and editable and it’s a native InDesign file which you can manipulate all you want to.

So, PDF2ID 2022, the amazing plug-in saves the day again for your PDF to INDD conversion needs.

PDF2ID is made by Recosoft, please visit our web site for more details.

Thanks for watching!

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