How can I convert PDF files to InDesign CC 2019 to edit in Adobe InDesign using PDF2ID 2019

PDF2ID 2019 converts PDF files back to Adobe® InDesign® (.indd) CC 2019 easily.

PDF2ID is the perfect software for Creative Professionals, Graphic Designers, and Printers so they can recover PDF content in InDesign making it editable.

To Convert PDF files to INDD type all you have to do is:

1. Select PDF files to Convert to InDesign (indd type) .

2. Click OK

PDF2ID will convert multiple PDF files at once and will ensure the layout is preserved with all elements live and editable. So, you can open, edit and convert PDF to InDesign CC 2019 using PDF2ID 2019.

Greetings Everyone.

Thank you for joining us today. In this video-tutorial we want to illustrate how easy it is to convert PDF files to Adobe InDesign CC 2019 documents with PDF2ID 2019 the newest version of Recosoft’s PDF-to-InDesign software.

So, PDF2ID is the perfect tool to have that runs on both Mac and Windows which converts your PDF files to InDesign (.indd) with a few clicks.

So, PDF2ID 2019 officially supports Adobe® InDesign® CC 2019 and is a major upgrade of PDF2ID (all InDesign CC variants are still supported). PDF2ID 2019 is an amazing new version as it includes features that Creative Professionals using Adobe Creative Cloud have been asking for.

I have InDesign CC 2019 running here and I’ve also installed PDF2ID 2019.

So, let’s use PDF2ID 2019 with InDesign CC 2019 to start converting PDF files:

1. Start with clicking the Recosoft menu in InDesign CC 2019.

2. Choose PDF2ID – Convert PDF/XPS file command.

PDF2ID then displays a window, that allows you to select PDF files to convert to InDesign.

3. Select the PDF files to convert and Click OK (I selected 4 files here).

Now, the PDF2ID – Options window appears. Notice you can now recover interactive form objects such as lists, text-fields, signatures and buttons! That’s neat!

4. To start converting PDF files click OK and you will immediately start seeing your PDF files being converted to InDesign CC 2019 type.

PDF2ID 2019 is fairly quick at converting multiple PDF files to InDesign (INDD) type.

Once the conversion is over, we can see the resulting InDesign documents and observe just how well the layout has been re-created along with all text, images and graphics being editable.

Now you can convert PDFs back to InDesign CC 2019 type using PDF2ID 2019.

So, PDF2ID 2019 supports InDesign CC on both Mac and Windows allowing anyone to convert PDF to InDesign and edit the contents in InDesign.

PDF2ID has been engineered and developed by Recosoft. For more information visit us at