PDF to InDesign – Extract images from PDF, Illustrator or XPS using PDF2ID

PDF to InDesign image conversion using PDF2ID from Recosoft. Extract images from a PDF, XPS or Illustrator file and have them placed into a new InDesign file; Learn how to use the Extract only images option in PDF2ID. PDF2ID converts the PDF document in a matter of seconds and a new InDesign file is created with images placed and the respective color space, resolution and size maintained. PDF2ID creates a folder containing the main InDesign file and links all images; for every page that contains an image, sub-folder is created placing all images in the sub-folder. PDF-to-InDesign conversion is easy using PDF2ID from Recosoft.

Today, we want to show how you can extract images from a pdf or windows xps or illustrator file and have them embedded into a new InDesign file using PDF2ID.

This is a really cool feature of PDF2ID. As all of you are aware by now you just need to switch to InDesign; and use the PDF2ID – Convert PDF/XPS file command to InDesign type using PDF2ID.

Once the PDF/XPS file window appears we simply select a PDF file to convert and click OK.

Here is the really interesting part now. Once the PDF2ID – Options window appears, click the Conversion kind drop down list and choose the “Extract only images” option.

You’ll notice immediately how you get a different set of options. Just to go over them, PDF2ID allows you to specify and control how each image type should be converted. SO, here we have the option Convert RGB/CMYK images with ICC profiles to and you can select JPEG, PNG, TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK and TIFF-RGB/CMYK etc. You can then specify the image conversion type for non-RGB/CMYK images with ICC profiles. Then again for images with no ICC profiles.

You can also specify whether ICC profiles should be retained.

The compression drop down list is only activated if you select JPEG. You can also specify the resolution of the images (Maintain the image or drop the resolution down).

We then have options to control whether you want images that are overlapping to be grouped or not and whether the clipping paths of the images should be maintained.

Then finally we’ve provided an option that allows you to control whether the converted images should be scaled or not. As you can see PDF2ID gives quite a bit a control when extracting just images from a PDF, Illustrator or XPS file to InDesign format.

Lets just click OK and see what happens. So, PDF2ID now is processing the file and in a few short seconds we get a new Indesign file with just images. These images are all linked (they’re not embedded – although you can embed them also).

If you look at the links panel you’ll notice that the resolution, color space and ICC profiles have all been maintained properly. How cool is that?

So, PDF2ID has a lot of flexibility built and you can tailor your workflow/needs as required.

PDF2ID has been engineered and developed by Recosoft. For more information visit us at www.recosoft.com