A new plug-in for Adobe InDesign imports and converts Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files into Adobe InDesign files (.indd) directly.

DecksMoveIn - PowerPoint to InDesign plug-in

“DecksMoveIn was created to facilitate the direct migration of PowerPoint documents to InDesign files improving the workflow of Creative Professionals by eliminating the error-prone Copy and Paste operation”

Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation

System Requirements

For DecksMoveIn 2024

For macOS
OS 10.15.x and higher
Hardware Apple Silicon or Intel based Mac
Application Adobe InDesign 2021 or higher
For Windows
OS Windows 10/Windows 11
Hardware Intel processor (or equivalent) based PC with at least a 1.4Ghz processor (core i3 or equivalent and above).
Application Adobe InDesign 2021 or higher