A new plug-in for Adobe InDesign imports and converts Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files into Adobe InDesign files (.indd) directly.

DecksMoveIn - PowerPoint to InDesign plug-in

“DecksMoveIn was created to facilitate the direct migration of PowerPoint documents to InDesign files improving the workflow of Creative Professionals by eliminating the error-prone Copy and Paste operation”

Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation

DecksMoveIn – FAQs

Q-1) Is DecksMoveIn available for purchase separately?
DecksMoveIn is at present included with the PDF2ID Suite.
Q-2) The Recosoft menu is not appearing and I cant see the DecksMoveIn in InDesign.
Please make sure you dont have Pre-release/Beta versions of Adobe InDesign as this will only confuse the installer. You need to ensure the Beta/Pre-release versions of InDesign are uninstalled first.