How to Convert PDF to InDesign CC 2017 – CC 2019

This video demonstrates how you can open and convert multiple PDF or Illustrator files to an editable InDesign document using PDF2ID v4.6 from Recosoft. PDF2ID is an Adobe InDesign plug-in that converts PDF to InDesign (indd) format. You can also convert Illustrator (.ai) or Windows XPS files using PDF2ID and it will ensure that the resulting InDesign (indd) document is editable. PDF2ID v4.6 operates with InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017 on both Mac and Windows.

Greetings everyone.

Thank you for joining us. Today, we want to demonstrate our PDF to InDesign conversion plug-in PDF2ID for Adobe InDesign CC 2017.

PDF2ID is an amazing tool to convert PDF to InDesign (INDD) type.

It allows anyone to easily convert material stored in a PDF to InDesign automatically. It also allows you to migrate data from Corel Draw, Illustrator and every other software to InDesign if you simply PDF the original data. Finally it allows you to recover lost or corrupt InDesign files if you have a PDF of the original InDesign document.

So here we have PDF2ID v4.6 installed against the newest edition of InDesign CC 2017. I’m performing this on a Mac but don’t worry Windows users everything works on Windows also!

We see the Recosoft menu within InDesign. Lets choose PDF2ID – Convert PDF/XPS file command.

A window appears which allows us to select a PDF, Illustrator or XPS file to convert. So lets just select all of these at once and Click OK to convert them

You see that the main PDF2ID – Options window appearing. We can control the conversion in detail but the default settings generally works; so lets click OK to convert the selected files at once.

Watch how PDF2ID v4.6 batch converts several PDF and Illustrator files to INDD type in a short time. Well the conversion is over so lets check the converted documents in InDesign CC 2017.

Looking at the results and you realize how well the layout has been completely re-constructed and the data well preserved; and all of text is live and editable. Notice the detail with which PDF2ID re-created InDesign elements.

PDF2ID - Convert PDF to InDesign CC
The original PDF file before conversion to InDesign CC

When PDF2ID converts a PDF file or Illustrator file or XPS file it ensures that all of your images assets are packaged together. So for every converted file a separate folder was created with all of the assets contained in sub-folders and linked back in. Cool!

Converted PDF file in InDesign CC
PDF Converted to InDesign CC (INDD) type using PDF2ID

In a Nutshell to convert a PDF to Adobe InDesign CC using PDF2ID do the following:

1. Choose the PDF2ID – Convert PDF/XPS file command from the Recosoft menu
2. Select the PDF file to Convert in the PDF/XPS file window
3. Click OK when the PDF2ID – Options window appears

So that’s it, PDF2ID v4.6 works with InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 and also CC 2017 on both Mac and Windows enabling anyone to edit the contents of a PDF or Illustrator file in InDesign.

PDF2ID has been engineered and developed by Recosoft. For more information visit us at