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"PDF2ID and ID2Office help save our Creative Cloud customers countless hours and allows them to focus on what really matters, their creative work. They help automate workflows and enable collaboration by making conversions between PDF, InDesign and Office seamless"

Mike Zahorik, Senior Business Development Manager, InDesign & Illustrator, Adobe

Here’s a small FAQ list for ID2Office. As more of you ask questions, this section will keep growing. Please feel free to send us any questions you may have.
Q-1) What do you mean by annual subscription license?
The license model for ID2Office is based on an annual subscription. From the date of purchase the license expires within 1 year. After which if you wish to use it, you need to purchase a new subscription.
Q-2) How accurate is the conversion from an InDesign file to the Office format?
ID2Office tries its best to accurately preserve the layout when converting the file from InDesign type to the Microsoft Word/PowerPoint type. However, inherent differences exist between InDesign and the Office file types. Certain properties and objects aren’t mapped accurately and may result in a non-optimal conversion.
Q-3) How do I uninstall the trial of ID2Office?
On Windows simply use the Control Panels -> Add/Remove Program functionality. For macOS, search for everything that says ID2Office and simply trash the items and restart your machine.
Q-4) Why do transparencies flatten out?
The issue with transparencies and graphics objects are rather complex. The Office formats have limited support for advanced features such as transparencies and gradients to name a few. Depending on the version of Word/PowerPoint the level of support differs. The most natural way to convert objects such as graphics and images where transparencies and other advanced properties exist is to flatten them out as an image.
Q-5) The ID2Office - Export to Office format menu is greyed out. Why is this?
You need to have an “Open” and “Saved” InDesign file otherwise ID2Office won’t know which document to export. Note that you can open up an older InDesign format file in a new version of InDesign and the file is not saved yet. So as an example, you can open up an InDesign CS5 file in InDesign CC but its not saved as an InDesign CC file. So, it must be a native CC file at that point.
Q-6) What is the difference between ID2Office Standard and Professional?
ID2Office Professional contains the extra ability to convert InDesign files to the Apple Keynote format. Otherwise everything else is the same.
Q-7) I get an Unexpected License File Error when using ID2Office. What do I do?
1. Restart your machine.
2 Uninstall ID2Office (if you’re using a PC). For Mac this step is not required.
3. Re-install ID2Office and restart your machine.
The error will go away.
Q-8) I get an error 4998 after installing the real version. What do I do?
Parts of the trial version are still running. Please restart your machine after installing the full version and the error will go away.
Q-9) Installing on macOS 10.15
To install ID2Office on macOS 10.15 (macOS Catalina) please follow the steps below:
A. Select the installer in the Finder and Pres Ctrl-click or Right-click then choose Open

B. Now when the following screen appears Click Open and the installer will start normally.

Note: As Apple has added many security enhancements to macOS 10.15 the additional steps are required. All of our installers are signed and certified with Apple issued installer certificates.