Excel on iPad? Is there anything on the iPad close to a real Excel editor/viewer?

Excel on the iPad? Is there such a thing? Well at present as far as we know its not on the iOS. There are a lot of Excel wannabe’s but no Excel yet.

Why the Excel topic all of a sudden? Well we had really interesting customer support issue the other day. So a customer of ours using PDF2Office Business on the iPad to convert a PDF to Excel format contacted us the other day about how the conversion that PDF2Office did was not proper. We looked at the document at our end, we converted the PDF on the iPad to Excel format and transferred the resulting file back to Excel on the Mac/Windows and everything looked fine to us. We just checked it under 6 different versions of Excel to make sure! The conversion was exact!

We couldn’t figure out what the customer was referring to so we ended up asking what version of Excel they were using. Well it turns out they were viewing the resulting Excel file on the iPad using one of the Excel wannabe editors (Lets not get into details about which software they were using). The Excel file that PDF2Office creates is a 100% pure xlsx file! We’ve had Excel conversions built into PDF2Office since 2009 and we made sure that its proper. So, the moral of the story here is that there is only one real Excel that properly accepts .xlsx files! So, we need to wait for good old MS to release one for the iPad.