Migrate non-Adobe data to Creative Cloud platform

Migrate and Convert non-Adobe data and content to Creative Cloud platform as a side business


As a Creative who works using the Adobe Creative Cloud platform, the primary focus is to be original with your ideas and projects for your clients/customers. However, you can always have a side-business by utilizing those professional skills and catering to the work of converting and migrating other contents and document types to the Adobe Creative Cloud platform. This article explains that you can accomplish most of this using automation tools that are readily available.


Migrating or Converting content implies manual/laborious work involving copying and pasting data and sourcing assets through a series of time consuming steps. Nowadays, you don’t have to bother with copy/paste or sourcing assets as automation tools exist that allows you to migrate data in no time. So, why not take advantage of this?

Top Content and Data conversion topics and Automation Solutions for Creatives

1. Migrating Canva contents to the Adobe platform

Canva has been adopted by many users to quickly create online presentations/pitch-decks. Migrating Canva to the Adobe Creative Cloud platform has been gaining steam. Canva doesn’t have a file type as the data/assets reside in the web. There are a couple of great options here.
  • Canva to Adobe Express
    The good thing about Adobe Express is that it imports PowerPoint files, and you get to edit it directly as a new Adobe Express document. Simply save the Canva data as a PowerPoint (yes Canva has a PowerPoint export option) and upload it into Adobe Express.
Edit Canva in InDesign
Canva to Adobe Express using PowerPoint

Converting Canva Content to Adobe Platform

2. Migrating and Converting PowerPoint/Google Slides/Keynote documents to Adobe InDesign

As Creatives, we stay away from PowerPoint/Google Slides and Keynote, but the business world operates using these presentation tools. The direct approach is to convert these to InDesign. How do we do this? Save the Google Slides/Keynote data to PowerPoint type then use the DecksMoveIn plug-in. DecksMoveIn converts any PowerPoint file to InDesign in no time.

Migrate Google Slides and Keynote to InDesign easily
In a few clicks you can have Keynote and Google Slides content in the Adobe platform
3. Convert PDFs generated by any software for publication purpose or content consolidation

One of the most requested topics is migrating PDF data created by any software to Adobe Creative Cloud platform. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Simple PDF retouch before Printing
    To simply patch up/touch up the PDF to make it Print/Publication ready, Acrobat DC will do everything for you. There is a notion here to use Illustrator, but it has limits and at times it can corrupt the PDF file. Acrobat DC on the other hand is the correct PDF editing tool for a base retouch just before you send it to the publishers for printing.

Editing PDF in Acrobat DC and InDesign

    Adobe CC tools offer many workflow automation solutions


Summing up, content migration is easier than before using automation solutions simplifying the process. Creatives versed with Creative Cloud should expand their horizons by using the workflow automation tools and techniques mentioned in this article.