PDF to JPEG, iOS PDF Converters, ID2Office v2.0 – Amazing!

Wow, the past 3 months have been amazing for us!

We released new PDF converters for iPhone/ That convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Numbers, Keynote and Pages. Thats a mouthful!

We released a new PDF to JPEG converter for the iPhone. Then a PDF to JPEG product for the iPad.

We then updated our iPad PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint converter and our PDF to Pages, Numbers and Keynote converter PDF2Office.

Finally, this month we shipped out ID2Office Standard and Professional v2.0; our flagship InDesign conversion plug-in to convert InDesign files to Word, PowerPoint and Keynote.

We’re on a roll! What’s in store for the rest of 2014? Well, we cant give you details yet but we always have new tricks up our sleeves.