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  • PDF2ID – Recover Lost InDesign files, Recover Corrupt InDesign files

    Hi Everyone – At some point in time we’ve all run into the problem of Lost InDesign files or even corrupt InDesign files; and we need to recover these lost or corrupt InDesign files. Normally, the only way to recover the corrupt or Lost InDesign files is to recreate them from scratch. Which means we spend ...
  • PDF to InDesign Creative Cloud, PDF2Indesign, PDF-to-ID, Convert PDF to InDesign CC

    PDF2ID® Standard 2023 for InDesign CC to 2023

  • PDF to InDesign CC, PDF2Indesign, PDF-to-ID, Convert PDF to InDesign

    PDF2ID® Professional 2022 for InDesign CC to 2022

  • Recosoft – PDF2ID (PDF-to-InDesign) & PDF2Office (PDF to Word, Excel, PPT) bundle

    Osaka, Japan, March 6 2015 – Recosoft Corporation the developers of ID2Office® – InDesign® to Word, PowerPoint® & Keynote® tool; PDF2ID®, the PDF-to-InDesign conversion plug-in; and PDF2Office®, the PDF to Word, Excel®, PowerPoint and OmniGraffle® conversion application announces a time limited PDF2ID and PDF2Office bundle. Customers that purchase new licenses of PDF2ID Professional v3.5 for Adobe® InDesign CS4-CS6 ...
  • Recosoft releases InDesign CC 2014 PDF Converter & InDesign Converter

    Osaka, Japan, July 10 2014 – Recosoft Corporation the developers of the PDF-to-Office and PDF-to-iWork formats converter PDF2Office®; has released InDesign CC 2014 versions of PDF2ID, the de-facto PDF to InDesign converter; and ID2Office the only InDesign to Word, PowerPoint and Keynote converter. PDF2ID v4.0.1 and ID2Office v2.0.1 have both been enhanced to support InDesign CC 2014, ...
  • Bad PDFs? Yes, there is such a thing.

    We thought we’d take the time to explain that there is such a thing as “BAD PDFs”. You’re all wondering “Bad PDF’s”? How can that be. It's a PDF correct? Well yes but there are some PDFs that are just plain “terrible”. Once in a while a customers contact us and say “hey I’m trying to convert this PDF file” but ...
  • Illustrator to InDesign conversion? Really its that simple…

    How many of you require Illustrator to InDesign conversion? Well there is the easy way and the hard way. We’re not particularly good at explaining the hard way so lets go with the easy! Illustrator files are actually PDFs! We’re all going huh? Yes its a PDF file and it just contains Illustrator specific information; but its actually a PDF ...
  • PDF2ID version and release history

    We thought it would be a good idea to list the chronological order of PDF2ID releases(pdf to indesign conversion technology) along with the InDesign version it supports: September 2013 PDF2ID v4.0 - InDesign Creative Cloud release only (InDesign 9.x) September 2012PDF2ID v3.5 - InDesign CS6 support added (InDesign 8.x) but it also operates with InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 July 2011PDF2ID v3.0.1 - InDesign ...
  • PDF2ID tutorials – Which video tutorial is right for me?

    We've posted a lot of PDF2ID (PDF to InDesign) tutorials and it gets confusing at times which one you should look at. Well, we're listing the basic ones here at least. PDF2ID Installation specific - Convert PDF-to-InDesign – Learn about installing PDF2ID Installing PDF2ID and at the same time learning how to convert PDF to InDesign format - PDF-to-InDesign – ...
  • PDF to InDesign CC, PDF2Indesign, PDF-to-ID, Convert PDF to InDesign

    PDF2ID® Professional 2022 Upgrade for InDesign CC to 2022

    You must own a PDF2ID v3.5 to PDF2ID 2021 license to purchase this.