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  • Recosoft ships PDF2ID 2021 – PDF to InDesign 2021 conversion tool released

    Osaka, Japan, November 5, 2020 – Recosoft Corporation the developers of solutions enhancing workflow automation for the Adobe® Creative Cloud® platform and creators of PDF centric conversion software has released PDF2ID 2021; the newest version of the PDF-to-InDesign conversion plug-in for Adobe InDesign® 2021. PDF2ID 2021 incorporates support for Adobe InDesign 2021 while supporting InDesign CC through CC 2020 for ...
  • Recosoft releases PDF2ID 2020 – PDF to InDesign 2020 converter tool ships

    Osaka, Japan, November 14, 2019 – Recosoft Corporation the creators of workflow automation plug-ins and tools for Adobe® Creative Cloud® and developers of PDF conversion applications has shipped PDF2ID 2020; the latest version of the PDF-to-InDesign converter plug-in for Adobe InDesign® 2020. PDF2ID 2020 supports Adobe InDesign 2020 in addition to supporting InDesign CC through CC 2019 for the ...