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Convert PDFs to Numbers, Pages and Keynote formats.

PDF2Office for iWork is the Mac PDF Converter for converting PDFs to editable iWork formats.

What’s new in PDF2Office for iWork v2.0

  • Convert PDF documents to Numbers format

    PDF2Office for iWork now converts PDF files to the iWork – Numbers format.

  • 64-bit application

    PDF2Office for iWork v2.0 is a full 64-bit application.

  • Format for iOS

    The conversion output can be optimized for viewing/editing on the iOS versions of iWork (iPAD, iPhone, IPod).

  • Enhanced Font Substitution

    A new Font Substitution mechanism has been introduced so that each font that could not be matched can be substituted with a specific font.

  • Batch conversion

    Batch converts a folder full of PDFs to the target iWork format.

  • PDF Reconstruction v5.9 engine

    PDF2Office for iWork contains the latest PDF Reconstruction v5.9 engine. Fragmented images are combined into 1 larger image, 48-bit images are now processed and converted; finally many enhancements have been made in the PDF processing and Layout reconstruction engine.

  • Convert PDF page transitions

    PDF page transitions are processed and converted to Keynote page transitions.

  • Enhanced toolbar area

    The toolbar has been enhanced with newer buttons for easier access to common functions.