Convert PDFs to Numbers, Pages and Keynote formats

Convert PDFs to Numbers, Pages and Keynote formats.

PDF2Office for iWork is the Mac PDF Converter for converting PDFs to editable iWork formats.

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What’s new in PDF2Office for iWork v2017

  • Modernized user interface

    The entire user interface has been rebuilt from ground-up using modern macOS technologies providing an integrated PDF viewing, navigation and conversion interface.

  • Batch convert multiple PDF files to different formats at once

    A conversions pane has been included allowing multiple files to be converted to the Apple Pages, Keynote and Numbers format at once.

  • Area select tool

    An Area select tool has been included which allows specifying a particular area in a page to be converted to the target file type.

  • PDF to Image conversion

    PDF-to-JPEG and PDF-to-PNG conversions are supported when using the Area select tool.

  • PDF Reconstruction v7.0 engine

    PDF2Office for iWork contains the latest PDF Reconstruction v7.0 engine offering enhanced conversion fidelity and stability.

  • Support for latest macOS

    PDF2Office for iWork operates with the latest versions of macOS (10.9.x and above).