IR2Office 2022 – Converting Illustrator 2022 graphics to PowerPoint in 1-step

IR2Office 2022 converts Adobe Illustrator 2022 artworks and art-boards to editable PowerPoint files and Apple Keynote files.

Watch how easily in 1-simple click all of this magic occurs. Once the Adobe Illustrator file is exported to PowerPoint or Keynote everything is editable!

1. Simply click the Recosoft menu and choose IR2Office - Export to PowerPoint
2. Then Click Convert and save the file.

Thats it!!

IR2Office 2022 is an Apple Silicon native plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that allows anyone to save and export Illustrator (.ai) files to Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx) and Apple Keynote (knt) formats. Watch and learn how simple it is to use this amazing tool and have all vector graphics and text live and editable in Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote from a Illustrator file.

IR2Office has been created by Recosoft. Please visit for more details.

Hello Everyone

We are glad that you can join us for this exciting presentation.

We are going to be working with Adobe Illustrator and concentrating on one thing only; which is getting Illustrator artboards and graphics into Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote type with just a few clicks of the mouse; but have everything editable.

You are all thinking that this is not possible so lets get right into it.

We created a tool called IR2Ofice which is a plug-in for Illustrator. IR2Office allows seamless export of Illustrator content to editable PowerPoint and Keynote type.

As you can view the screen we have Illustrator running and we are going to export these Illustrator artboards to PowerPoint format so that we can share it with our customers and colleagues that use Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

So what we do is very simple.

1. Click the File menu of Ilustrator and navigate down to the Recosoft sub-menu > Choose IR2Office – Export to PowerPoint
2. Click Convert > Export the file

IR2Office converts the Illustrator file to PowerPoint format in just a few seconds. We now have a PowerPoint file with all elements live and editable with the layout preserved. IR2Office also converts Illustrator files to Keynote type also.

Recosoft has been creating tools for the Adobe Creative Cloud platform for the last 15 years and we have other plug-ins that also support InDesign.

Our tool PDF2ID – converts PDF to editable InDesign format. And ID2Office converts InDesign to Word, PowerPoint, and Keynote formats.

You can visit us at for further details about our solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud.