[PDF converter for Mac] PDF2Office Professional – PDF to Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Convert PDF to Word; Convert PDF to Excel; Convert PDF to PowerPoint files. It illustrates how easy it is to use PDF2Office Professional v6 the de-facto PDF converter for the Mac.

Today, we want to take some time to demonstrate how to convert PDF files to editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint types using PDF2Office Professional v6; the pdf conversion tool for the Mac.

PDF2Office is a utility that converts PDFs to editable Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many other file types.

PDF2Office Professional v6 which is the latest version also converts Windows XPS files and supports converting both PDF and XPS files to editable OmniGraffle files.

PDF2Office Professional v6 has a lot features but lets concentrate today on converting pdfs to editable Office formats.

What we see here on the screen is the main PDF2Office window. We use this PDF2Office window to convert PDFs.

Lets start the process of Convert to Excel button. The file is converted to the excel format in a few seconds again and its automatically opened in Excel.

Now lets compare the converted output with the original. You’ll notice that the all data were automatically put into the spreadsheet cells while the formatting, and position has been retained.

Finally lets convert another PDF file to the PowerPoint format. Again, we drag a file from the desktop and drop it into the main PDF2Office window. Then we select it and click the Convert to PowerPoint button. The file is converted to the PowerPoint format in a few seconds and is automatically opened in PowerPoint. . Now lets compare the converted output with the original. You’ll notice that the layout elements are in place, with proper text frames formed and even all graphics appearing in place.

Using PDF2Office Professional, its extremely easy to convert PDFs to editable Office formats while retaining formatting accuracy and layout integrity.