Convert PDF to OmniGraffle & Extract images from PDF using PDF2Office 6 [Mac PDF Converter]

Convert PDF to editable OmniGraffle files; extract images from PDFs; and finally convert every page in a PDF to JPEG, PNG, TIFF using PDF2Office Professional v6.0; the Mac pdf converter.

Welcome to the Get to know your PDF2Office Professional better demo.
Today, we want to show how you can use PDF2Office Professional v6 to convert PDFs to OmniGraffle format, extract images from PDF files and convert PDFs into image types.

As most of you are aware, PDF2Office converts pdfs to editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML and many other formats. However, many of you may not know the other conversion capabilities of PDF2Office Professional v6. It has a lot of functionality built-in that no other software provides.

We’re going to use PDF2Office Professional to convert a PDF to editable OmniGraffle format; then show how easy it is to extract all images from a PDF file and finally convert each page of a PDF to an image types such as TIFF or Photoshop images while specifying the resolution.

Ok, lets start converting some PDFs.

Here we have PDF2Office Professional v6 running and we see that it has 3 PDF files already listed. What we want to do is first convert a PDF to an editable OmniGraffle type.

We select this PowerPoint PDF file listed and click the “Convert to OmniGraffle” button located in the toolbar. After a few seconds we have a fully editable OmniGraffle file that opens automatically in OmniGraffle! If you notice, PDF2Office was smart enough to separate the text, graphics and tables into distinct layers; also the layout as usual is well maintained. Isn’t that just cool? PDF to OmniGraffle with a click of a button.

Now, lets extract all of the images from a PDF and make sure that the images are all JPEGs. We select this 2nd file here; than from the Control Center, we set the conversion type to “Convert only images to”. Notice that we can now specify the image format to convert t ; such as JPEG, Photoshop, PNG and the resolution. Lets set it to “JPEG” and leave the resolution so that the original image resolution is maintained. Now we click “Convert Selected files”. PDF2Office will do its magic and presto in a few seconds all images are extracted and stored in a folder. Opening a few in preview we notice that the image resolution is maintained and you can use these anywhere.

Finally, lets convert each page of a PDF to an image and specify the resolution. Lets select the 3rd pdf file. Now from the Control Center we set the conversion type to Convert each page as an image; We’re now able to set the image type. Lets set it to TIF and specify 216 as the resolution. As usual we click the Convert selected files button. This conversion may take a little longer than usual as it has to convert each page to a high-resolution image.

Okay, it’s done. Viewing the resulting images in Preview; PDF2Office converted each page to a TIF image using the specified resolution.

Isn’t that just fantastic? PDF2Office Professional has all these features built in so there’s just no need to use any other software.

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