Engineering Excellence

Today, technology is changing faster than ever before. And at Recosoft, we believe the only way to keep up with technology is to stay ahead of it. The key to Recosoft’s success is our vision of technology. We are constantly re-investing, expanding and enhancing our Software Engineering, Information Technology Management and Quality Assurance groups.

Our Software Engineers are experts in C / C++ , Java, Motorola 68K, Intel x86 and PowerPC Assembly language. The IT management groups are experts in formulating and applying Information Technology solutions to different businesses. The Quality Assurance Engineers implement and maintain a strict model to assert the quality of the delivered solutions. The unifying principle between all these spheres is the constant collection of metrics and data along with the usage, sharing and evaluation of the metrics to further refine and improve on our delivery mechanisms and processes.

We also provide extensive in-house re-training on emerging technologies and businesses on a regular basis to our entire engineering and IT management team. Non-Japanese native personnel undergo intensive Japanese language & culture training.

A strong team of skilled engineers and managers follow a methodical approach encompassing project investigation, design, execution and delivery.