Our Services

Macintosh Solutions

At Recosoft Corporation, we have more than a decade’s experience on the Macintosh platform. With over 1500 man months of experience behind us, we have developed absolute expertise in developing Macintosh software from concept to completion [More].

Embedded Systems

In today’s cutting-edge world, software is the force that drives hardware. Our expertise in the area of Telecom and Mobiles (WAP, WCDMA, I-MODE), PDAs (Palm, Pocket PC), IP devices enable companies to deliver new and exciting next generation products to the global marketplace.

Cross-Platform Software Development

In today’s competitive environment, it’s mission critical to reach out to as many customers as possible. Software solutions need to be optimized across platforms. Our expertise in developing error free cross-platform solutions helps us provide world class Windows / Macintosh software solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

The networked world has brought in a new global work environment. The ability to reach customers all over the world requires large-scale software development. We’ve delivered turnkey Client / Server and Web Application Solution Systems to leading companies, the world over.

Re-Engineering, Reverse Engineering & Migration Services

Technology is moving at lightning speed. In such a scenario, it’s important to re-engineer software to work on newer & faster architectures. We Re-engineer old code to new OS’s, Reverse engineer document formats, Migrate old program code to new architectures & platforms.

Application Software Development

Developing a new software product is no easy task. From product concept and design to final delivery, inclusive of all specifications & documentation, Recosoft has been through the entire product life cycle to deliver world class software products.

Localization Services

Delivering a truly global product requires a thorough understanding of different cultures and languages. Our cross-cultural, multi-lingual background as well as the extensive English & Japanese development expertise helps in conversion of English language software to Japanese & vice versa (managing 2 byte handling, Win/Mac Encoding to Unicode, SJIS / JIS etc.)

Software Quality Assurance & Verification Solutions

In a world where good enough simply isn’t good enough, software testing & quality control issues play a very crucial role. Our expertise in testing and verification proves invaluable in the control and on-time delivery of software products and solutions.

Information Technology Solutions

Our vision is to be a leader in every aspect of Information Technology. We provide extensive training and IT business provisions.