Solutions – What OEMs will find VEM useful?

  • 1. Third party software makers

    • Application Software Developers
      Packaged applications such as word processing software, page layout software and disk recovery/scavenging software can take advantage of supporting a plethora of file types. Any developer can use VEM to import a wide variety of files for editing and file exchange and file recovery solutions.
    • OCR software and Language Translation software
      OCR software makes can use VEM to format the scanned data into widely known formats such as RTF and Excel and save the file to disk. Developers of language translation software can use VEM to import a document, translate it to a different language, and export the translated document retaining the integrity of the layout attributes.
  • 2. Custom Solution Developers

    • Custom softwares:
      Custom software solutions that require real time data processing can now import data from a variety of files that are proprietary. Using VEM, the developer can create an interface to import the required data and perform real time processing.
  • 3. Device Makers and Handheld solutions

    • Handheld Devices, Cellular phones and PDAs
      Handheld device makers and PDA/cellphone software developers can use a custom version of VEM to interface with documents available on desktop computers. Viewing/Editing of standard Desktop file format can be accomplished as VEM is readily portable to worldwide handheld device technologies such as WAP, Palm, and I-mode. Furthermore a non-custom solution can use VEM to synchronize the data of handheld devices with standard file formats available on desktop machines.
  • 4. Server Based Systems

    • Knowledgebase/Search Engine/Sherlock Developers
      Developers of knowledge base systems and search engines can now tap into the existing MSWord, AppleWorks etc… documents using VEM to create solutions that they weren’t able to before, be it from any platform or language. Simply use VEM to extract the data stored in MSWord, PDF, AppleWorks etc…files and use it to suit your needs.
    • Internet/Intranet Document Solutions
      VEM can provide on the fly conversion of documents to HTML format. Using a browser, anyone can view any document type that VEM supports. Eliminating installation and usage of proprietary Office suites.