Scope of Conversion

Scope of Conversion

  • Forms paragraphs and applies indentations (justification is set to left)
  • Applies text styles and retains font information (or font mapping is performed)
  • Constructs page properties such as margins and page breaks where appropriate
  • Interpolates columns and section breaks
  • Matches headers and footers where possible
  • Forms endnotes/footnotes
  • Identfies and creates tables
  • Regroups intersecting and overlapping Graphics
  • Processes all images (except JBIG format) and regroups intersecting sliced images

Note: PDF2Office Personal strictly honors the security settings of a PDF document.

Key Features

  • Open PDF documents directly in Microsoft® Word

    PDF2Office Personal is a plug-in for Microsoft® Word that enables you to directly open PDF documents within Microsoft® Word.

  • Drag and Drop

    Simply drag and drop a PDF onto Word and have it open in Microsoft® Word.

  • Quick

    PDF2Office Personal converts the PDF document to Microsoft® Word format within seconds.

  • Familiar Interface

    PDF2Office Personal uses standard Microsoft® Word interface for opening a
    PDF document – there is no need to learn anything new.

  • Seamless Integration

    PDF2Office Personal seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Word and the desktop interface.

  • Extract Data

    Extract text, images and/or other data from specific pages.

  • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support

    Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Western European, Greek, Russian-language data contained in PDF documents.