What’s New

What’s New

What’s new with PDF2Office Professional v6.0

  • Convert Windows XPS files

    PDF2Office Professional v6.0 now recognizes and processes Windows XPS files. XPS files can be converted to all supported formats except for image types.

  • 64-bit Conversion core

    PDF2Office Professional v6.0 utilizes a modern 64-bit processor optimized conversion core to convert files resulting in faster conversions.

  • Convert to OmniGraffle format

    PDF2Office Professional v6.0 now supports OmniGraffle v5.x format as a target file type; making all elements live and editable while retaining the layout of the file. The conversion to OmniGraffle file type results in distinct layers being created for text, tables and graphics.

  • Conversion Presets

    Custom conversion presets can be specified and saved for later use. This alleviates having to adjust conversion settings depending on the workflow.

  • Optimize for iOS format

    A new “Optimize for iOS” setting creates lightweight files optimal for viewing and manipulating on the iPAD, iPhone and iPod.

  • 1-click Conversion

    One-click conversion buttons have been introduced to streamline the conversion process for the most popular formats.

  • Hybrid PDF/XPS document Reconstruction v6.0 engine

    PDF2Office Professional v6.0 now contains a Hybrid PDF/XPS v6.0 conversion engine, which includes support for 48-bit channel RGB images; auto-merges fragmented images and enhances support for certain PDF properties previously ignored.

  • Enhanced conversion fidelity

    When converting to the Word format, Landscape/Portrait pages are now created in the same file; when converting to the PowerPoint format, tables are now created; additionally PDF transitions can be converted to PowerPoint transitions.

  • Streamlined User Interface

    PDF2Office Professional v6.0 offer a newer streamlined user interface by providing conversion progress feedback directly within the main application window; the conversion report is now displayed in the conversion report pane eliminating the progress dialog; furthermore, other enhancements have been made modernizing the overall usability, look and feel.

Scope of Conversion

PDF2Office takes a PDF/XPS file and performs the following processing –

  • Forms Paragraphs and applies indentations (justification is set to left)
  • Applies text styles and retains font information (or font mapping is performed)
  • Constructs Page properties such as Margins and Page breaks where appropriate
  • Matches Headers and Footers where possible
  • Interpolates Columns and Section breaks
  • Forms Endnotes/Footnotes
  • Identifies and Creates Tables
  • Regroups intersecting and overlapping Graphics
  • Processes all images (except JBIG format) and re-groups intersecting sliced images

Document File – Export Formats

  • Microsoft® Excel 2007/2008-2010/2011 (Windows/Mac)
  • Microsoft® Excel 97/98 – 2003/2004 (Windows/Mac)
  • Microsoft® Word 2007/2008-2010/2011 (Windows/Mac)
  • Microsoft® Word 97/98 – 2003/2004 (Windows/Mac)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007/2008-2010/2011 (Windows/Mac)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97/98 – 2003/2004 (Windows/Mac)
  • OmniGraffle v5.x (Mac)
  • RTF (Windows/Macintosh)
  • Unicode UTF-8/16 (Windows/Macintosh)
  • Text (Windows/Macintosh)
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  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • PICT
  • GIF
  • TGA
  • Photoshop
  • QuickTime Image
  • MacPaint
  • Silicon Graphics
  • BMP

Note: PDF2Office strictly honors the security settings of a PDF document.