PDF2ID Enterprise

PDF2ID Enterprise is a scalable PDF-to-InDesign® conversion tool allowing hundreds of thousands of PDFs to be converted directly to the InDesign format by simply targeting a folder.

Batch convert PDFs to InDesign and IDML formats.

Batch Convert PDFs to InDesign type

Batch convert 1000’s of PDFs to InDesign format on a daily basis. Once PDF2ID Enterprise is set up, it automates your entire workflow environment.

PPDF2ID Enterprise is a complete workflow automation solution for batch converting PDFs to IDML and InDesign formats; recreating the intended construction and layout of the document by forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping independent graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; recovering annotations and other elements automatically.

PDF2ID Enterprise incorporates server and workflow automation specific technologies which streamlines the PDF to IDML and PDF to InDesign format conversion process. Multiple Hot/Watch folders can be specified; nested folders can be processed dynamically enhancing workflow automations. Furthermore, notifications and conversion server specific controls allow tailoring the performance for Enterprise level PDF to structured XML/IDML conversion needs.

Note: Certain InDesign properties which can’t be mapped to Word/PowerPoint formats are not converted. Furthermore InDesign stylesheets are not converted. Though the layout is maintained as accurately as possible certain properties such as text wrap around object and other layout elements at times are not maintained due to the inherent difference between InDesign and Word/PowerPoint

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