PDF2Office FAQs

Here’s a small list of FAQs on PDF2Office. As more of you ask questions,
this section will keep growing. Do send us any queries you may have.

Q-1) Does PDF2Office convert PDF documents that have any kind of security enabled?
PDF2Office converts PDF documents that have the standard security feature enabled. PDF2Office honors the security settings of PDF documents.
Q-2)How well is the conversion from a PDF document to a word processing file?
The quality of the output are dependent on factors such as the Authoring Software type.Examples of Authoring Software Types –

  • Page Layout type
  • Word Processing type
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database
  • Graphics Manipulation

The output is the best when the authoring software was a word processing type.

Depending on the PDF writer (Acrobat, Mac OS X PDF creator etc…) the construct of the PDF data stored also differs. Inherent limitations of the target file format also play a role – Appleworks or MSWord themselves contain inherent limitations to formatting if the original PDF authoring software was a Page layout program.

Nonetheless, PDF2Office attempts to perform the best conversion possible that fits within the scope of the target file type.

Q-3) What image data doesn't get converted?
JBIG image data are not converted.
Q-4) What purpose do the Document Properties, Make Tables and Graphics options serve?
The purpose of these options are discussed below –

  • Document Properties
    Document Properties controls whether PDF2Office should try to interpolate document margins, process columns, figure out sections, form headers/footers and footnotes.
  • Make Table
    Make Tables controls whether PDF2Office should form tables. Turning this option on – forms tables; turning it off means tables will not be formed.
  • Graphics
    Graphics controls whether PDF2Office processes any graphics such as vector graphics or images at all. Marking this option makes PDF2Office process graphics. Unmarking this option will result in no graphics being converted at all.
Q-5) My document is not converting properly!!

a. Sometimes breaking up the pages to convert and piecing them together later helps. For example in a 10 page document, if from the 6th page onwards the conversion was not proper, convert pages 1 – 5 first. Then convert only the 6th page. Then 7th – 10th and piece them together (this is a workaround but at times it works the best).

b. Another reason why the conversion may not be proper is when PDF2Office tries to form columns and apply Page Margins. By turning off the Document Properties setting the conversion may differ completely.

c. If the conversion is still improper, please send it to us for investigation – we are constantly improving the quality of the conversion.

Q-6) When converting files I sometimes get an Error -3 or Error -11000. What do these errors mean?
If you get an Error -3 or -11000 when converting PDF files please make sure to download the latest updaters from


Q-7) When converting files to the Appleworks format the page formatting is not proper after I open the document in Appleworks. What is wrong?
Appleworks has some peculiar limitations but nonetheless they are very solvable.

After converting a file to the Appleworks format, open the document in Appleworks and perform a Page Setup (this is very important). After performing the Page Setup, Appleworks will properly paginate the document.

If there are any tables, you will need to grow them to its full size manually. This is very easily accomplished using the steps outlined below.

  • Click in the first cell of the table.
  • Then select the right border of the cell.
  • Now using the Right Arrow key, move the border 1 point to the right.

At this point the table will be fully grown. You must repeat the above procedure for every table in the document.

Q-8) I have a PDF document which I created by scanning some pages - PDF2Office doesn't convert them properly!
PDF2Office is not an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. If there were pages that were scanned and stored as PDF files, PDF2Office will treat these scanned data as an image.

However, if you own Acrobat 5/6/7 Standard or Professional, there is a feature called OCR/Paper Capture. Open the PDF file in one of the above versions of Acrobat, then use the OCR/Paper Capture feature. An OCR will be performed. Then save the PDF file. Finally, use PDF2Office to convert/open the PDF document but make sure to unselect the “graphics” option. All of the text will appear properly formatted.

Q-9) I used up the trial version - how can I reset this?
Unfortunately you can’t.
Q-10) PDF2Office rejects my serial number when registering the product?
This occurs when you are logged into Mac OS X as a user that doesn’t have Administrator Priveleges. Please make sure to log in as the owner of the machine when installing/registering PDF2Office.
Q-11) How do I uninstall PDF2Office Professional?
For the Mac, search for everything that says PDF2Office and trash/delete everything you find (you need to search even the System folders). For Windows, use the installer it has an uninstall feature.