Here’s a small list of FAQs on PDF2ID. As more of you ask questions, this section will keep growing.
Do send us any queries you may have.

Q-1) What is the difference between Standard and Professional versions?
Q-2) How well is the conversion from a PDF to InDesign format?
PDF2ID contains an extremely advanced PDF document reconstruction engine. As a PDF file doesn’t contain information such as a word, line, paragraph, table and other high level object that you find in standard file types, PDF2ID analyzes the PDF file data and does its best to recover and re-assemble the data into high level properties when converted to the InDesign format.
Q-3) Which version of InDesign does PDF2ID support?
PDF2ID v3.5 operates with InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. PDF2ID 2019 operates with InDesign CC through CC 2019 (Creative Cloud) . For the Mac platform, PDF2ID requires an Intel based Mac. However, if you require InDesign CS3 support please purchase PDF2ID Professional v3.5 or PDF2ID Professional 2018; we can then provide access to PDF2ID Professional v3.0 which supports InDesign CS3.
Q-4) Where can I obtain Section 508 compliance information?

Q-5) I installed the trial of PDF2ID and want to purchase the full edition do I need to uninstall the trial first?
On Windows the trial must be uninstalled first. On the Mac, there is no need to uninstall the trial. Simply install the purchased version and restart your Mac.

Q-6) I liked the trial of PDF2ID and installed the version I purchased from the Adobe Exchange store. But I keep on getting error 2777. What do I do?

PDF2ID (Lite) from the Adobe Exchange store clashes with the trial of PDF2ID so its important to completely remove the trial version prior to installing the Adobe Exchange edition of PDF2ID.

For Windows do the following:
#1. Uninstall the version of PDF2ID you purchased from the Adobe Exchange store using the Extension Manager.

2) Use the Control Panels -> Add/Remove Program functionality and remove the Trial version of PDF2ID and restart your PC.

3) Log into your account and search for all instances of PDF2ID and trash it.

4) Now install PDF2ID through Adobe Exchange and you should be set.

For Mac do the following:
#1. Uninstall the version of PDF2ID purchase via the Extensions Manager of InDesign CC

#2. Restart your Mac

#3. Log into your account

#4. From the Finder click on “Go” and choose the command “Go to Folder”. The Go to Folder window appears

#5. Please type the following:


Where XXXXX is your Mac hard disk name
Where YYYY is you User name

As an Example:


#6. Now, there should be a “Recosoft PDF2ID” folder. Trash this completely.

#7. In your Applications folder if there is a “PDF2ID” folder please trash this.

#8. In your Adobe InDesign CC plug-ins folder if there is a “pd2id.indesignplugin” please trash this.

#9. In your “Mac” Hard Disk Name there should be a “Library” Folder at the top. Double click and navigate to the folder that says “Application Support”. If there is Recosoft Corporation trash it.

#10. In the same “Library” folder there is a “Caches” folder. Please locate “Recosoft PDF2ID” trash this.

#11. Now install the PDF2ID you purchased via Adobe Exchange.

Q-7) How do I uninstall the trial of PDF2ID?
On Windows simply use the Control Panels -> Add/Remove Program functionality. For macOS, search for everything that says PDF2ID and simply trash the items and restart your machine.