InDesign usage – CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 or CC??

InDesign usage is an interesting topic. Which version of InDesign does someone use? Its a hot topic.

We’ve been releasing PDF2ID the de-facto PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool since 2007 and ID2Office the InDesign to Word and InDesign to PPT conversion solution since 2011. We can’t give you an exact breakdown but its surprising to see that there are plenty of users out there that still use InDesign CS3! Sometimes we get this oddball, InDesign CS2 question even (seriously, people still want PDF2ID with InDesign CS2!).

We see a good chunk of InDesign CS6 and CC (finally!); probably split evenly between the two lines; and still a healthy CS5/CS5.5 and the occasional CS4 (Whew!); then the CS3 and CS2! So as a guess, 70% use ID CS6/CC and the other 30% use the rest (hey thats our best guess).

We know everyone has budgetary issues and even more important workflow and/or software compatibility problems! But generally, we always recommend moving to the latest version of InDesign as thats where Adobe and companies like us are concentrating! It becomes impossible and almost nightmarish to support older Operating Systems and InDesign versions. But hey, here is a tip! You really want PDF2ID with your InDesign CS3, just buy PDF2ID Pro and we’ll give you access to PDF2ID v3.0 which supports InDesign CS3!