PDF2Office for iPad

PDF to Excel on iPad using PDF2Office – PDF converter for iPad

Convert PDF to Excel on the iPad using PDF2Office. You can also convert PDF to Word; PDF to PowerPoint; PDF to OmniGraffle and Text formats with a few taps! PDF2Office is an amazing tool for the iPad as it eliminates manual entry of data enhancing productivity.

With this tutorial, we want to show how you can convert a PDF to Excel format on the iPad using PDF2Office.

PDF2Office Business iPad edition is a PDF viewing and conversion app for the iPad. PDF2Office converts PDFs to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OmniGraffle formats on the iPad.

Here we have the PDF2Office Business application running on the iPad. We see on the left hand side there are a bunch of PDF files listed in the documents list. Tapping any file on the documents list show the PDF preview of the selected file. Lets start converting PDFs to Excel format on the iPad.

To convert a file, tap to select a file; then we need to tap on the format button which is located at the bottom. We notice that it says Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OmniGraffle and Text. Since we want to convert to Excel type we simply tap Excel. Then we just need to tap Convert. The conversion starts immediately and the PDF file is now converted to an Excel format on the iPad.

We notice that PDF2Office automatically selected the converted file for you and allow you to transfer it to any application that open and edit and view Excel files on the iPad. So here we have Numbers, QuickOffice, Documents to Go listed. Lets just select Numbers. The file is automatically transferred to Numbers; and its a fully editable spreadsheet file where all the elements are available and live and very well formatted.

Lets just go back to PDF2Office again, to compare the original with the converted output. You know that everything is proper. Now you know that you can convert a PDF to Excel file on the iPad.

PDF2Office Business also converts PDF to the Word, PowerPoint and OmniGraffle format allowing you to recover and reuse your PDF contents on the iPad.

PDF2Office Business, iPad edition is available from the App Store.