What’s so new in ID2Office v2.0? The Adobe InDesign to Word, Keynote and PowerPoint converter.

Well lets try to sum up in this blog what we’ve done in the latest release of this amazing InDesign to Word, PowerPoint and Keynote conversion tool.

First of all we added Nested table support. This means Nested InDesign tables are now converted to Nested Word Tables! This is a completely break-through engineering. Previous versions of ID2Office created text frames and simply captured the lines as graphics when ever Nested tables were encountered. But we got it correct with v2.0.

What’s even cooler with Nested InDesign tables are that when its converted to Keynote or PowerPoint, these are mimicked as Nested PowerPoint and Keynote tables! The nested tables are overlaid above the cells (Keynote and PowerPoint don’t have support for Nested tables) giving the nested table look and feel maintaining layout integrity!

Second, is we added support for the Apple Keynote format! Sorry this is only available with ID2Office Professional v2.0 on the Mac only. With the number of iPhones and iPads shipping and with many using iPads and iPhone instead of their traditional desktop machines this makes it easier for the marketing folks now! So InDesign to Keynote conversion finally!

Third, we added full InDesign CC support. Yes, this was overdue but getting to InDesign CC means 64-bit of ID2Office and this had to work on Windows and Mac. Note, we kept support for InDesign CS5, CS5.5 and CS6!

Fourth, was the improved handling of odd shaped text frames. In InDesign, you can have text frames that are triangular or oval with a red fill or whatever. Now, Keynote and PowerPoint and Word??? Not doable! But we implemented something smart and now the triangular background fill or star shaped background fills of a text frame appear correctly! Hurrah!

Fifth was the great improvement in graphics handling. Bleeds to the edges are always maintained properly. There were instances in previous versions this wasn’t handled due to the complex nature of the InDesign file. But we got this correct!

Finally, was the general overall improvement in all types of conversions. Everything is just much more clean and proper!

So, we did a lot with ID2Office v2.0! We hope all of you enjoy this release!