PDF2ID v3.5 and PDF2ID v4.0 – which one is what?

We’re selling both PDF2ID v3.5 and PDF2ID v4.0 the de-facto PDF to InDesign converter.

So the question arises what is the difference between them?

Well in a nutshell, PDF2ID v3.5 is specifically for converting PDF to InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 (so InDesign v5.x through 8.x). Whereas PDF2ID v4.0 converts PDFs only to InDesign CC or CC 2014 (Creative Cloud or actually InDesign v9.x).

Why couldn’t we make PDF2ID v4.0 operate with InDesign CS4 through CS6? Its because InDesign CC is a 64-bit technology and PDF2ID v4.0 is a 64-bit technology whereas InDesign CS4 through CS6 are older 32-bit technologies. We just couldn’t mix and match the two different technology sets.