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Recosoft Corporation announces PDF2ID v3.0.

PDF2ID® Standard/Professional v3.0 – InDesign® CS5 compatible version of the only PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool announced.

Osaka, Japan, August 5, 2010 – Recosoft Corporation the developer of the PDF-to-Excel, Word and PowerPoint converter PDF2Office®; PDF-to-Keynote and Pages converter PDF2Office® for iWork; PDF-to-InDesign converter PDF2ID and other related utilities announces PDF2ID v3.0 a new version of the PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool.

The company will be shipping PDF2ID Standard/Professional v3.0 for both Macintosh/Windows platforms in September 2010. PDF2ID v3.0 is a major upgrade from PDF2ID v2.x.

PDF2ID has been enhanced to operate and function impecabbly with InDesign CS5. Additionally, PDF2ID v3.0 includes support for converting variable page size PDFs to variable page size InDesign documents. PDF2ID v3.0 also includes the facility to convert interactive PDF properties such as URLs, Bookmarks and PDF transitions to the equivalent InDesign type.

PDF2ID is the only PDF converter available for InDesign offering a direct, transparent and effortless process in converting PDF files to the InDesign format. PDF2ID utilizes sophisticated computing algorithms and models delivering a highly accurate reconstruction of a PDF document to the InDesign® type. PDF2ID eliminates the necessity to acquire and install additional PDF data recovery tools; resulting in enhanced workflow automation and provides huge cost savings in both time and expense.

Key New Features

  • InDesign CS5 support
    PDF2ID v3.0 now fully integrates and operates with InDesign CS5.0.
  • Interactive PDF property conversion
    Interactive PDF properties such as Bookmarks, URLs and Transitions are converted to the respective InDesign Property.
  • Enhanced PDF to InDesign conversion
    PDF2ID v3.0 includes an enhanced layout conversion engine applying text-wrap around graphics, frames-linking across pages and separation of Text, Tables and Graphics items into their respective layer.
  • Graphics Options
    A new graphics options panel has been introduced allowing one to fine-tune the way images and vector-graphics are converted.

Further details of PDF2ID v3.0 can be previewed at –

Customers who purchase PDF2ID v2.x licenses on/after August 1, 2010 are entitled to a free upgrade to PDF2ID v3.0 when it ships in September 2010.

PDF2ID v3.0 will be available in the following configurations –

PDF2ID Standard v3.0

PDF2ID Professional v3.0

PDF2ID Standard v3.0 Upgrade license
(for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees)

PDF2ID Professional v3.0 Upgrade license
(for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees)

System Requirements

Intel-based Mac with a minimum 1.4 GHz processor
Mac OS X 10.4.11 and above, and as per InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5 requirements
Application Software: Adobe InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5

Pentium III @ 800 MHz or higher
Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008, Windows 7, and as per InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5 requirements
Application Software: Adobe InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5

About Recosoft Corporation
Recosoft Corporation is headquartered at Osaka, Japan and is the developer and provider of cross platform software and information technology solutions. The company is a leader in designing and delivering PDF converters and PDF file conversion software solutions enhancing workflow automation and productivity. For more information on Recosoft PDF converters, visit
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