Convert PDF annotations to InDesign, Recover PDF annotations to InDesign

We’ve finally started blogging!

This is the first one we’re writing and thought we’d write about something every PDF2ID user probably isn’t aware of but has probably run into plenty of time.

PDF2ID, in addition to converting a PDF to Indesign has this amazing facility of converting or recovering annotations in a PDF file into an existing InDesign file!

Thats cool because you have a job you’re doing for a client and you have this beautiful InDesign file you created. You send your client a PDF (of course) for review. S your client gets the PDF and they mark it up everywhere.

Well, what do you do once your client sends you back marked up PDF?

Easy! Simply use the “Extract PDF/XPS Annotations” feature of PDF2ID and you can target an open InDesign file and all those text annotations will be merged right back in! Awesome!