Recosoft announces PDF2ID Enterprise for Mac OS X and Windows

PDF2ID® Enterprise v3.0 – Enterprise edition of PDF-to-InDesign conversion technology announced.

Osaka, Japan, October 27, 2011 – Recosoft Corporation the developer of the PDF2Office® family of products; PDF2Office® for iWork® utility; PDF2ID® and ID2Office® tools for InDesign® announces PDF2ID Enterprise v3.0.

The company will be shipping PDF2ID Enterprise v3.0 for both Macintosh/Windows platforms in November 2011. PDF2ID Enterprise is the Enterprise level edition of PDF2ID; the de-facto PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool.

PDF2ID Enterprise is a scalable PDF-to-InDesign conversion solution allowing hundreds of thousands of PDFs to be converted directly to the InDesign format by simply targeting a folder.

PDF2ID Enterprise incorporates a highly customizable and automated workflow framework to convert a large number of PDFs to the InDesign type eliminating any kind of user-intervention once the system has been configured.

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