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PDF2Office series for iPhone

PDF2Office series for iPhone converts PDFs to editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, JPEG and PNG files on the iPhone.

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PDF to ExcelPDF to KeynotePDF to NumbersPDF to Numbersconvert pdf to powerpoint on iphone using pdf2officePDF to Word, Convert PDF to Word, iPhone PDF ConversionPDF to Text, Convert PDF to Text, iPhone, Mac, iPad, WindowsPDF to JPEG converts your PDF files to JPEG images

Features Summary

  • PDF to Excel

    Converts PDF to Excel spreadsheet with data organized in tabulated columns and rows. Every page in the PDF is converted to a worksheet in the resulting Excel file.

  • PDF to Keynote

    Converts PDFs to editable Keynote files that can readily be used with iOS editions of Keynote. Every page is converted to a slide in the resulting Keynote file.

  • PDF to Numbers

    Converts PDF to Numbers file ready for use on the iOS. Every page in the PDF is converted to a separate sheet in the resulting Numbers file.

  • PDF to Pages

    Converts PDF to Pages documents with the text, graphics and tables formed. The layout is maintained to the highest degree with each page being easy to edit and manipulate with Pages on the iPhone.

  • PDF to PowerPoint

    Converts PDF to editable PowerPoint files. Every page is converted to an equivalent slide in the resulting PowerPoint presentation file.

  • PDF to Word

    Converts PDF to Microsoft Word docx format with tables formed, text made into paragraphs with styles applied and graphics preserved. The document created is a 100% Microsoft Word file that can be used by Word on any platform.

  • PDF to Text

    Converts PDF to Text in either UTF-8 or UTF-16 format. The text file can be used with any application on the iPhone that reads Text files.

  • PDF to JPEG

    Converts PDF to JPEG or PNG images instantly. Every page in the PDF file is converted and placed into a folder containing the resulting JPEG or PNG images. You can specify a resolution between 72 to 400 ppi creating high-resolution images instantly.

  • Area select tool

    Mark just the area within a page to convert. You can convert just the marked area to Excel, Keynote, Numbers, JPEG or PNG types. The selected data can also be embedded automatically into new mail.

  • Dropbox integration

    Download PDF files from your Dropbox account and upload the converted results back to your Dropbox account allowing you ready access to your files anywhere.

  • WIFI Transfer mode

    WIFI Transfer mode allows you to share documents between your iPhone and computer wirelessly via Safari, Internet Explore, Chrome, Firefox and many other web browsers.

  • Active Network Connection not Required

    PDF2Office doesn’t require an active network connection to convert files as it’s a standalone application and it doesn’t need to communicate with any servers saving you connectivity fees and time.

  • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support

    Supports English/Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Western European/Greek/Russian-­‐language data contained in PDF documents.