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PDF2Office Standard v5.1


PDF2Office Standard is a PDF to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word conversion tool.

Directly Convert PDF documents within Microsoft® Excel®, PowerPoint® and Word!

Simply click on the Open PDF file icon located in the PDF2Office ribbon/toolbar icon within Excel, PowerPoint or Word.
When the Open PDF File dialog box appears, choose the PDF file to convert and click okay.
The PDF file appears as a fully editable Excel, PowerPoint or Word document.

Seamless Integration with Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Office 2007/2010 integration

PDF2Office ribbon in Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2007-2010

Office 2000-2003 Integration

PDF2Office toolbar and menu in Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2000-2003

PDF2Office Standard converts PDF documents into fully editable Excel, PowerPoint and Word formats recreating the intended construction and layout of the document.

PDF2Office Standard forms paragraphs, applies styles, regroups independent graphics elements, extracts images; creates tables; processes headers/footers, endnotes/footnotes and columns/sections automatically – without any intervention.

PDF2Office Standard also provides options for converting or extracting data from a range of pages in a PDF document. You can extract text or images, or convert the entire document to Excel, PowerPoint or Word format.

PDF2Office Standard enables you to recover the data stored in PDF documents – making them available for use by anyone.

Features Summary

  • Open PDF documents directly in Excel, PowerPoint and Word

    PDF2Office Standard is a utility for Excel, PowerPoint and Word that enables you to directly convert PDF documents within Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

  • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support

    Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.

  • Click Open

    Right click on a PDF document on the desktop and have it open in Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

  • Fine tune your conversions

    You can fine tune the conversion process by specifying hyphenation options, font substitution, font scaling, image resolution and many other settings.

  • Seamless Integration

    PDF2Office Standard seamlessly integrates with Excel, PowerPoint, Word and the Windows® desktop interface.

  • Password Protected PDF documents

    Open password-protected PDF documents*.

  • Quick

    PDF2Office Standard converts the PDF document to Excel, PowerPoint or Word format within seconds.

  • Extract Data

    Extract text, images and/or other data from specific pages.

*The original password is required to open password protected PDF documents.

System Requirements

Hardware Microsoft Windows® compatible machine with at least a 500Mhz Pentium® III processor.
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP with SP2/SP3, Sever 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008
RAM 512 MB installed in the computer. Others
Other Software Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010
Note: Layout reconstruction varies depending on document and may not be 100% accurate. PDF2Office does not perform Optical Character Recognition. An image in a PDF file is treated as an image. Furthermore, certain types of PDF data are not supported including (but not limited to) transparencies, clipping paths, tilings/shadings, certain graphics operations, graphics filtering, certain text operations and PKCS/AES encrypted documents.

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